Thursday, October 11, 2007

it's kinda strange being back after so long making new friends and meeting old ones again...sometimes its a bit uncomfortable it's like we have to re get to know each other all over again but at the same to have all these wonderfull memories.. well uncomfortable isn't the right word just wierd

i remet Rev ..that wasn't one of the odd ones but i was a little busy at the time *grin* and while i was injoying myself i regret that i didn't get to really reconnect with Rev ..*smiles hi Rev lol

well im not really sure what else to say this will prob get more intresting and detailed as i begin to reconnect with my old contacts

i may add some pictures ..i can post pictures of me..but i won't put up pictures of others without there permission...

and now that i can return to work

i had made a promise to Mistress that i wouldn't be with anyselse sexually till we reconnect that way..and now that we have....and it was WONDERFUL..but now im free to return to work as long as Mistress doesn't put the Kybosh on it ...but i may decide to take it easy on that maybe at first just reconnect with some of my old favorite customers ...and no i won't tell i may be a slut and a hooker but i know how to keep my mouth shut...unless mistress wants to shove something in it lol:P

well thats it for now i guess this little slut should head of to beddy bye......

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Back Home again

YYAAYY im back home with my Mistress where i belong unfortunatly it seems i returned at a bad time personally Mistress is very busy buti understand these things

Well Mistress is in the process of finishing up her newest..of islands i been watching the finishing touches come together and New Desperation Isle looks awsome it has everything any could want ..has a nice mall packed with nice high quality merchandise from several different vendors it has places for the sadistic to take and ravage there victims and romantic place for lovers to cuddle and be together and it has a really cool ship :) Mistress and her Partner Mistress kelly have done a great job with the place

and i met one of my sisters a new ..(atleast new since i left) pet Named Clara Hirvi i have only been back about a week and met Clara my first day back but right away we hit it off ...even though she threatened me :P...truth is probably cause she threatened me she made it plain she wouldn't stand fo anything or anyone trying to come between Mistress and Mistress kelly...and that kind of protectivness of Mistress can only score points with me i don't know Mistress kelly well but i would never interfere with Mistresses wishes and i love Mistress and anything that makes Mistress happy makes me happy and anything and anyone Mistress cares about is special to me aswell..and ill fight like a wildcat to protect Mistress from hurt..and that means protecting those Mistress cares about

oh and i have Made several Happy reunions meeting up with old friends and companions ..but not all was good news many i care about are no longer around or are one infrequent visiters...Rah youll be missed hun :( .....

but all in all it's good to be back home ...and back with Mistress :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Blog ever

well the title says it all this is my first Blog ever im gonna use this as a kinda SL journal my RL is private and will stay that way any question about my rl when not be answered no matter how simple or complex any question about rl will be met with the standard reply "i don't discuss my RL" further questions will simple be ignored if i want you to know ill tell you Mistress knows far more about my RL than anybody else in SL but even she i don't tell everything and if i don't tell her you can bet that i won't tell anyone else even AFTER pigs fly and hell freezes over...that outthe way ill begin my jurnal do not even respond to this pretend it doesn't exist just take it to heart............
Well i guess ill start by saying i been gone a long long time with only a few far to short visits im owned by Mistress wildefire whom i dearly dearly love and who owns me completly and totally in all aspects of my Life she ..We knew each other before but came together after a very devestating personal trajedy in which i was hurt badly at the time i had anouther Mitress a wonderful woman but never had alot of time for me so me and mistress spent muh time together ..and she Dommed me and had a collar for me but since anouther was My mistress i would not call her mistress so i started calling her Momma as we became closer i started to want to give her my fulltime collar not just when we were together so i aproached my mistress..something that was very difficult as i didn't want to hurt her..and in the prosses of very clumsily trying to ask my release she say where it was going and cut to the chase and asked if i wanted to be released to be with Wildefire and i siad i did she understood and we parted friends witch meant alot to me i imediatly submitted to Mistress and have been with her ever since and never once had a second thought or regretted it ...I have seen mistress grow and change but one thing always was the same..i knew she loved me and i loved her and ill be hers as long as she wants me i have had many sisters come and go some i loved most i cared about ...and some just plain wierd lol...and i haven't always liked the trends Mistress kinks took but i loved her and i belong to her so i took them with her .. Thats one the the marks of a great Mistress and one My Mistress has...i never have to fear telling her i don't like something ..a slave like me (as oppesed to a sub) doesn't set any limits and sometimes mistress has made me do things i didn't like but she always takes innto acount my feelings before she makes her final descision...but the discion as to what i will and won't do is ultimatly hers...i know she;ll never make me do something i really really feel strongly against..cause i know im loved and will soon be back with her

now i know this was a long kinda rambling post not all will be so long this is just an introduction :)